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The powder lance is offered in two versions. The Original and a Wide-beam long lance.


Pulverlansen – The Original

The Original is the optimal equipment that provides good conditions in all situations. When the fire is hidden within an enclosed space the powder is distributed with the focus on making the smoke non-combustible. A good throw length that reaches over 10 meters improves the chance of reaching the origin of fire. Knowing the fire’s origin increases the chances of achieving a better extinguishing effect. By drilling the hole aiming towards of fire origin and with the possibility of turning the direction of the power distribution towards the fire origin. The equipment is supplied complete with hose and custom quick couplings for one extinguisher.


Pulverlansen – The Wide-beam Long lance

The wide beam nozzle is at its best when you want to achieve good throw length sideways. Like a restrictor pattern with two beams that together provide a span of over 15m and therefore are able to reach the gables on an attic when attacking through the centre of the attic. The Wide-beam pattern and the long lance are developed especially with the idea of reaching a wind or the upper floor from the floor below. A wide-beam pattern may also have advantages in a wall construction fires. A long lance allows you to work with the beam even in the longitudinal direction, bypassing early obstacles or keeping a better safe distance for example in the case of a car fire. Different nozzles and length of lance can be combined upon request. The equipment is supplied complete with hose and custom quick couplings for one extinguisher.


Extra quick coupling kit

With extra quick coupling kits, you can prepare more powder extinguishers for quick and safe replacements. You can still use the extinguisher as usual if needed. To dampen a developed room fire of 25 square meters and 5 MW, at least 2 x 12 kg is recommended to achieve a delay of around 10 min. Note that this is a guideline. Each fire is unique and the extinguishing effect depends on the circumstances. But a good rule of thumb is 1kg of powder per square meter of the fire room.

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Manual – Pulverlansen EN

Thank you for showing interest in the Swedish Powder lance. If you want to be more powerful in the early stages of a fire in a building, then the Swedish Powder lance is right for you! Contact us and we will help you getting started!

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