pulverlansen 2019 en 640x321 - 2019 - A year in the spotlight with The Swedish Powder Lance

2019 – A year in the spotlight with The Swedish Powder Lance

The year started with summarizing the experience from the ERIA tests at MSB in Revinge (Early Responders Innovation Area). The report talks about the extinguishing effect of 12m distance, recovery times of up to 10 minutes and the ability to prevent a backdraft from developing. The report can be found in swedish on this web page.

Close thereafter started the only Swedish innovation competition specifically focused on fire and safety  – Brinnovation. It resulted in a place on the podium with Pulverlansen, in city hall. What an award and what a party! In addition to the mention of the Fire Protection Association that organized the competition, a personal report was made in Jönköpingsposten with both the front and center spread and Rescue Plankan from Räddsam F also mentioned Pulverlansen and the innovation award in their magazine.

During the summer the brave pioneers with Pulverlansen started to give feedback. I have received stories saying: “The fire just sucked in and extinguished.” “They asked what miracle agent is used?”, “Pulverlansen is much better”, “FIP (first responding person) extinguished two fires the same week with Pulverlansen”, “We are very happy with Pulverlansen”.

The first orders after the award was delivered over the border to Norway and to Iceland. The Swedish Powder Lance is a well performing product that responds to a clear message through Swedish seminaries and reports during the past few years – We need more efficient efforts and shorten our time to respond to fires.

Now at the end of the year Pulverlansen has received the finest of confirmations, namely three returning customers. Exemplary fire services who dared to be pioneers and who now show the way by equipping their fire services with more Powder Lances and quick-connected powder extinguishers. A big thank you goes to Jönköping and Kalmar for your renewed trust!

If your fire service also is interested in getting Pulverlansen delivered before the end of the year, it is now  time to place your order. Email me on daniel@smartish.se with your request or order directly on the website swedishpowderlance.com

I wish you all heroes out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

/ Daniel Abrahamsson

Smartish AB  and Pulverlansen – The Swedish Powder Lance

signaturreklame udstiller 845x321 - Pulverlansen in Denmark

Pulverlansen in Denmark

Now it´s time to visit the neighbours in Denmark and the yearly meeting for the Danish Fire services. https://aarsmoede.danskeberedskaber.dk/ Pulverlansen is exhibiting together with WIN Guard, Everdrone and Nordic Bio-Engineering. With hope for a pleasant stay with interesting meetings and new customers. Meet us there!

A day to remember!

Pulverlansen nominated as the second best innovation within fire safety. Receiving the price at a Gala dinner in Blå Hallen, Stockholm City Hall. This is where the Nobel price is also handed out. Thanks to everyone who have supported me on my journey.

img 2759 1 1030x1030 - A day to remember!
brinnovation och pulverlansen 2 539x321 - Pulverlansen to the finals of Brinnovation!!

Pulverlansen to the finals of Brinnovation!!

Pulverlansen has been selected to the finals of the Innovation contest – Brinnovation!!

Brinnovation is an idea – and innovation contest for “future fire safety” organized by the Swedish Fire Protection Association. The theme is “Fire in homes” and out of over 80 entries is Pulverlansen among the top three finalists that now will get the chance to pitch for the win at the BRAND (FIRE) conference in Stockholm 21maj.

I am honoured to be nominated in this contest by a professional jury, not only because of a promising business but because they believe in the product’s ability to save buildings and lives from fire.

The award ceremony will take place at a gala dinner in the town Hall, the 22maj in connection with the fire protection association is celebrating its 100års anniversary.

Read more about the competition on https://www.brinnovation.se/

Testrapport Pulverlansen ERIA projeket Revinge pdf - Test report Room fire and Backdraft

Test report Room fire and Backdraft

Happy New Year Pulverlansen 845x321 - Happy new year

Happy new year

2018 – The year when The Swedish Powderlance was introduced to the Swedish Fire service. Nearly 40 lances is now out there. The year ended with a number of tests in Revinge. The result showed the ability to successfully reach and prevent a room fire from growing by attacking even though an open window. That technique is important also when using powder and what to aim for to gain the better result. And finally that powder is capable of preventing a backdraft. More about this in 2019. This new year I hope for more fire services and other first responders to find the potential in using Pulverlansen in early fire fighting and together contribute to the development of the method. I like to thank all of you that have supported and invested in Pulverlansen during this most important first year! And I wish you all heroes out there a Happy New Year!

stor order 845x321 - Jönköping och Sundsvall satsar på Pulverlansen!

Jönköping och Sundsvall satsar på Pulverlansen!

Jönköpings räddningstjänst utrustar sina bilar med Pulverlansen! Den största ordern hittills ska stärka första insatsperson i hela kommunen. Även Sundsvall följer samma linje och satsar på Pulverlansen.

Scaled tests with “The Box” First try

To perform tests i a scaled environment can be a good way to validate an idea before going full scale. It often gives a better overview and is easy to repeat. This is the first try to use “The Box” In this try we evaluate the setup itself and if it is posible to scale the amount of powder in relation to the smaller volume to achive some interesting results. We also try a method for verifying the effect of the distribution of the powder using many small fire sources spread out in the volume

packeterad pulverlans 1 845x321 - Intresse för Pulverlansen

Intresse för Pulverlansen

Räddningstjänsten visar intresse för Pulverlansen. Trots köpstopp till följd av de många skogsbränderna i Sverige den här sommaren så har leveranser gjorts till Storgöteborg, Kalmar, Västervik och Jönköping. Tack för ert visade förtroende för produkten! Det finns ett fåtal “special edition” kvar med hårdanodiserat rör. Passa på att skaffa ditt exemplar nu för att få en riktigt slitstark ytfinish!

Den här metoden att släcka bränder kräver inte att man är brandman, det viktiga är att vara tidigt på plats. Det är en säkrare metod än att använda traditionella handbrandsläckare eftersom att du kan använda den utanför byggnaden och inte behöver ta dig nära branden. Alla verksamheter och företag som vill kunna skydda sina byggnader genom att själva kunna göra en betydande insats i väntan på räddningstjänsten skulle dra nytta av Pulverlansen. Är du intresserad så ta kontakt: info@smartish.se

Swedish Fire services has shown interest of the Swedish Powderlance “Pulverlansen”. Despite the economical restrictions followed by the wild fires in Sweden this summer deliveries has been made to Gothenburg, Kalmar, Jönköping och Västervik. Thanks for your trust! There are a few ”special edition” versions with hard anodised pipes left. Go ahead and try this product now to gain a truly wear resistant version! 

This method of fire extinguishing is useful not only for fire services but for any one that arrives early! Any company or operation that want to be able to protect their property in a more secure way while waiting for the fire service to arrive. Interested? Make contact: info@smartish.se