Happy New Year Pulverlansen 845x321 - Happy new year

Happy new year

2018 – The year when The Swedish Powderlance was introduced to the Swedish Fire service. Nearly 40 lances is now out there. The year ended with a number of tests in Revinge. The result showed the ability to successfully reach and prevent a room fire from growing by attacking even though an open window. That technique is important also when using powder and what to aim for to gain the better result. And finally that powder is capable of preventing a backdraft. More about this in 2019. This new year I hope for more fire services and other first responders to find the potential in using Pulverlansen in early fire fighting and together contribute to the development of the method. I like to thank all of you that have supported and invested in Pulverlansen during this most important first year! And I wish you all heroes out there a Happy New Year!